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Tennessee Ghost and Legends Podcast Season 2 Episode Line-up is here!

Season 2 of Tennessee Ghosts and Legends launches on Halloween 2022!

Warm up those iPhones and hunker down on your Androids because Tennessee Ghosts and Legends second season is launching this Halloween! On October 31st, two new episodes of the 2022 breakout podcast will be available for download on your favorite podcast app. Season 2 will host a frightful selection of Tennessee’s most interesting haunts, bizarre mysteries, and a special episode detailing the personal paranormal experiences of me, your host! Here’s what you can expect in season 2:

Something scary this way comes! Tennessee Ghosts and Legends Podcast, Season 2 launches on Halloween 2022!
  • S2, Episode 1: The Bleeding Mausoleum
  • S2, Episode 2: The Strange Mystery of the Tennessee Pygmy Tribes
  • S2, Episode 3: The Vampire Hotel
  • S2, Episode 4: A Haunted Life: My Personal Paranormal Experiences
  • S2, Episode 5: The Tennessee State Prison
  • S2, Episode 6: The Legend of Fiddler’s Rock
  • S2, Episode 7: Nocatula’s Tree
  • S2, Episode 8: The Orpheum Theater
  • S2, Episode 9: Doctor McClary’s Skeleton
  • S2, Episode 10: The Haunting at the Wheatlands Plantation
The haunted Orpheum Theater in Memphis, Tennessee, will be featured in episode 8!

When the details are finalized, there will be a bonus episode recorded with a live studio audience, featuring interviews with a few of my local friends detailing their paranormal experiences from three locations in Tullahoma: The South Jackson Civic Center and their ghost, nicknamed, “The Colonel”, and the Oakwood and Maplewood Cemeteries.

I can’t wait to share with you all the spooky stories and research on these amazing haunted locations in and around Tennessee. You can tune in on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Amazon, iHeart Radio, and all other major podcast platforms. As episodes are released, links for them will be posted here, on www.lylerussell.net. Thank you so much for listening, and you’ll be hearing from me soon!

Inside the Tennessee State Prison in Nashville, Tennessee. Featured in episode 5!

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