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Thank you for visiting my page. I'm grateful you're here. This blog is a large first step toward the realization of my lifelong goal to become a published author. That goal grows nearer by the day! Here you'll find several creative outlets I enjoy; writing, drawing, music, books, and the occasional rant. I have several... Continue Reading →

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San Jacinto

I've always loved Peter Gabriel's song, San Jacinto. The lyrics rolled around in my head long enough to create a short story based on the Apache ceremony he refers to in the song. This is in no way accurate to any Apache ceremony. It's just my interpretation of what the lyrics conjured up for me. Enjoy!

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Chewbacca: The Best Friend We All Wish We Had

This is an article I wrote for That Hashtag Show, originally published in August 2019. I felt it relevant to bring back into the light during the troubled and divisive times we find ourselves in today. Keep in mind, this was written before the release of Episode IX.

My Dream Set List: RUSH

The R40 Tour in 2015 was their last, and it featured songs from across their catalog, but it needed more oomph in my opinion. So now, let’s turn their final set list on it’s ear and speculate on what it should have been!

Lifeboat: A Star Wars Fan Fiction, Part V

Now, in Part V, we flash back a final time to join Darth Vader and Lieutenant Seeda at The Temple of the Kyber on the ancient moon of Jedha. The Emperor has ordered his apprentice to restart the stalled Kyber crystal excavation and retrieve two artifacts from the temple. While the crystal mining gets back underway, a rebel faction on Jedha, led by the outlaw Saw Gerrera, learns of Vader's arrival at the temple and attempts to take him out!

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Lifeboat: A Star Wars Fan Fiction, Part IV

Previously, in Star Wars: Lifeboat... In Lifeboat: Part III's flashback, then-Lieutenant Varon Seeda delivers a message to Darth Vader on Mustafar that begins a chain reaction of treason! They board a shuttle bound for Jedha to recover artifacts important to the Emperor, but will Vader discover the truth of them first and claim them for... Continue Reading →

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