Tennessee Ghosts and Legends Podcast

The Tennessee Ghosts and Legends Podcast is live! I am so excited to bring these stories to you about the state in which I live and love. Things go bump in the night here y’all, and in this fun and informative format, I’ll present you with ten episodes to keep you up at night. Here’s the slate:

Episode 1: The Legend of Sadie Baker
Episode 2: The Headless Signalman and the Chapel Hill Ghost Light
Episode 3: The White Bluff Screamer and Werewolf Springs
Episode 4: Haunted Battlefields: Chickamauga’s ‘Old Green Eyes’ and Shiloh
Episode 5: Meriwether Lewis: Suicide or Murder?
Episode 6: The Personal Paranormal Experiences of Your Host, Lyle Russell
Episode 7: Civil War Haunts: Cragfont, Carter House, and Carnton Plantation
Episode 8: Haunted Places: Pine Haven School and The Tennessee State Prison
Episode 9: The Shelby Forest Pig Man
Episode 10: The Bell Witch of Robertson County

Each episode will be between 15-20 minutes long and will focus on the tales behind the legend or haunting. While there will be some chilling details, the dialogue will not be too scary. However, as with any media kids can access, parental discretion is always advised. The show is hosted on BuzzSprout and will soon be available on Apple and Spotify. Tune in at this link:

Click here: Tennessee Ghosts and Legends Podcast – Season 1

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