Dear Satan Claus: A Christmas Comedy

Every 1,000 years, God challenges Lucifer with some menial earthly task, a chance at redemption, in hopes that if he sees it through to completion, Lucifer will be welcomed back into Heaven. Since his fall at the dawn of time, Lucifer has yet to complete one of these tasks. He finds them boring and mundane, and he’s not really sure he wants to go back to Heaven anyway. But this time, the Devil will be handed the most challenging task God has ever charged him with: working at the Post Office on Christmas.

Colleen Critchlow is about to lose her job. In her decade with the United States Postal Service, her dyslexia has led to countless sorting errors and mis-delivered packages. As a final chance to stay employed, Colleen is reassigned to the USPS Mail Recovery Center in Atlanta, formerly known as the “dead letter office”. On her first day, she is assigned to sort this year’s “Dear Santa” letters and finds a few with misspellings to “Dear Satan”. Her new co-worker, “Lucien”, is very interested in these particular letters. Its about to get hot in Atlanta…

It may be hard to imagine a light-hearted comedy about the Devil, but I’m going to try nonetheless. The idea came to me when I actually found one of these letters a child wrote at a Christmas event I attended. I have a mild case of undiagnosed dyslexia myself. Seeing this letter struck a chord with me and got my imagination churning. This tale of redemption and forgiveness is proving to be a riotous romp of a writing challenge that I hope you’ll find as humorous as I do. I’m expecting this one to be published in time for Christmas of 2022.