Down to the Crossroads: The Legend of Robert Johnson

One of the two known photos of Robert Johnson. This portrait was taken by the Hooks Bros. Photography Company in Memphis, Tenn., circa 1935.

Legendary bluesman Robert Johnson is a musician wrapped in mystery. It is said that one night after being run off from a juke joint, Johnson took his guitar to a south Mississippi crossroads and met the devil. There, they say he traded his soul to become the greatest blues player in the world. The devil tuned and played a bit on Johnson’s guitar, granting his wish, but at what cost? No deal with the devil is simple. What happened to Johnson after that?

I love the blues. Robert Johnson’s story fascinated me from the moment I heard it and I’ve always wanted to write about it. One day while listening to his recordings, an outline came to me out of the blue (pun intended) for a different take on the legend of the man many consider to be the godfather of rock-n-roll. I’m looking forward to penning this historical fiction piece about love, danger, betrayal, music—and a little bit of the supernatural. I can’t wait to share it with you!