The Man In Cell 41

June 1961 – Dean Talbot awakes from a drunken blackout to discover his wife has been brutally murdered. He doesn’t know if he did it or not and is arrested for the crime. After a swift trial, he is sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison on The Rock—Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary. Once there, he meets a strange inmate from Denmark who seems to know an awful lot about Dean’s family and his wife’s murder.

Prisoner 1578

The inmate’s name is Harald, also convicted of murder. He teases Dean with facts that could prove Harald was the murderer. Convinced of his innocence, Dean works with a guard to find out more about Harald and the crimes he’s committed. What they discover, however, is a secret that could kill them all. Harald is no simple killer, and Dean discovers a family secret that will change his destiny forever.

“Your family is legend, Mr. Talbot. You may not know it yet, but I do. I’ve studied you just as I have studied your lineage. Do you think it is by accident we have both come to share space on this island at the exact same moment?” Harald asked with a menacing grin while circling Dean like a hunter with his prey. Harald continued.

“You bear a mark, just as your father did, and his father and his father and his, back to the beginning. Do not play coy. You know of what I speak. You know not of the power within you, but I do. It’s time, Mr. Talbot. It’s time for you to let it out…”

Harald to Dean Talbot, The Man in Cell 41

From the future Historical-Fiction/Horror novel The Man in Cell 41 by Lyle S. Russell. Follow this blog for updates!