Rush Review – Clockwork Angels, The Band's Legacy, & Final Thoughts

Rush: A Legacy of Three Rock & Roll Heroes

So what could possibly be left to say about Rush? Not much, really. Anything left I left out can easily be heard in their music, not in some inadequate prose I could write. What I can say, with absolute definitive , is in the last three months of reviewing their music, I learned more than I ever thought I could about three friends who were luck enough to travel the world together and make music. A deep glimpse into their music has expanded my own view; not just on music but of the larger world. For this opportunity to write about them, and tour through their discography, I am ever so grateful.

The passing of Neil Peart

Neil Peart: 1952 – 2020

The day after I started this journey through Rush’s wild world of music, Neil Peart passed from a three-and-a-half-year bout with brain cancer. After the shock of his loss to my musical world, it occurred to me how cruel life can be. Peart was one of the greatest musical and lyrical minds to ever grace the planet, and the source of his brilliance would also be the site of his malady. Writing these reviews under the heavy shadow of his loss kept me focused on something The Professor said:

“What is a master but a master student? There’s a responsibility on you to keep getting better.”

Neil Peart to Rolling Stone Magazine, 2012

For someone considered to be one of the greatest drummers in the world, that’s a big statement. A reminder to ever be humble and to remember no matter how good you are at something, you can always be better. As cliche as it sounds—Godspeed, Neil. Farewell to a King.

Rush's final concert in 2015
Rush’s final concert in 2015

So what is Rush’s Legacy?

This will be total conjecture on my part, but if I was speaking on their behalf, I would think they want you to be a better person than you currently are. They want us to push boundaries in whatever field you work in. Rush wants us to be better versions of ourselves and not be afraid of failing when you do it. They also want us to never stop experimenting. You’ll never get it wrong if you never try to do it in the first place.

2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction
2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction

Think that’s dopey? Listen to their lyrics. Look at the musical risks they took. Read about their failures and successes. Study how they went about making these incredible progressive rock masterpieces. They are a total case study in disciplined methodology. These three guys set a life example with rock and roll as the backdrop of their fish bowl, and we’re all looking inside it. What better legacy can you leave than that?

And now, it’s up to you to write your next chapter. What are you waiting for?

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